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Getty Images Dirtydog_Creative / Vetta

Getty Images
Dirtydog_Creative / Vetta

It is estimated that Americans feel happy approximately 54% of the time, neutral 25% of the time and unhappy 21% of the time. After review of the “happiness” research, Dr. Martin Seligman in his book Authentic Happiness concluded that happy people:

Most of us when we hear the word “creativity”. The names of famous painters, musicians, actors and technology giants pop into our heads. In America creativity and notoriety are synonymous. Minimizing, even negating the creativity that the “average Joe” exhibits on a daily basis.

Creativity is the ability to formulate new ideas by connecting both related and unrelated ideas to invent and generate solutions to problems. And it appears that happiness plays a role in the creative process.

People who are in a good mood—who are happy are:


  • Processes information efficiently and successfully.
  • Envision innovative solutions.


  • Derive enjoyment from the creative process.
  • More productive.
  • Receive better ratings on employee evaluations because of their problem solving skills.
  • The finished product not profit is the goal.


  • Confident that others quality of life will improve because of their creative solutions or innovations.

Don’t believe the myth that notoriety or mental instability are prerequisites for creativity. It is the symbiotic relationship between happiness and creativity that creates a self-perpetuating cycle in which happiness and creativity reinforce one another.

Your heavenly Father is the Creator of the universe, and you are made in His image. QUIT MAKING EXCUSES! Get out there today and create something.

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Have a great week! Rita


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2 thoughts on “No More Excuses

  1. stacilys says:

    Wow, what an awesome post. I’m going to read it over again later.

  2. Rita Poynor says:

    Thanks Stacilys. I’m convinced if we honored all, not just the famous who are creative. The world would be a wonderful place.

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