Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Monday I began a series about family. How a show from the 50s, MEWSFG-Love-of-Family-Word-Sign_bLeave It To Beaver depicted positive attributes of a healthy and loving family that are as applicable today as they were then. In the Cleaver’s home

  • family values were discussed and modeled. (All For One and One For All)
  • roles and corresponding responsibilities were clearly defined.
  • rewards for appropriate behavior and negative consequences for inappropriate behavior were dispensed impartially and lovingly.
  • adults’ actions and words were complimentary, not contradictory.
  • love was demonstrated by providing temporal possessions AND emotional support.

Clearly defining roles and corresponding responsibilities of each family member is vitally important. Enabling a family to be

  • unified in time of need.
  • flexible in its decision-making.
  • organized.


Provision of Physical Resources

  • money
  • food
  • clothing
  • shelter

Nurturance and Support

  • love
  • comfort
  • reassurance

Life Skills Development (becoming a contributing member of society)

  • physical
  • emotional
  • educational
  • social skills

Maintenance and Management of the Family System

  • leadership
  • decision making
  • handling family finances
  • discipline and enforcement of behavioral standards
  • maintenance of appropriate relationships with extended family, friends and neighbors


Family Council

  • regularly scheduled
  • last no longer than an hour
  • follow an agenda (prior to meeting encourage agenda item suggestions)
  • rotate leading the council between parents and older children
  • voice opinions and feelings without interruptions or fear of criticism
  • set goals, distribute household chores, resolve family problems and celebrate one another’s successes

Define Roles

  • Clearly define each family member’s role(s).
  • Clearly identify the personal negative consequences of failing to fulfill the role AND the negative impact upon the family.

Allow for Flexibility

  • Family roles will change over time and during times of crisis.
  • Temporary or permanent shift in roles is to be anticipated and accepted.

Allocate Roles Fairly

  • No one individual is overburdened.
  • Consider age, mental maturity and physical strength when assigning roles.

Roll-up-sleevesIt’s never too late to roll up your sleeves and begin building a healthy family. There may be growing pains but don’t quit. The long-term benefits for you, for those you love and for the world at large are infinite.

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Have a great day! Rita


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3 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. stacilys says:

    Hi Rita. Great to see a post about the government and operation of family. I especially liked that you touched on the need for parents to live what they say and not just expect obedience to talk. We need to be examples to our children; not religious hypocrites.
    Blessings =)

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      Authenticity! Have a great weekend Staci!

      1. stacilys says:

        And a great weekend to you too. I have a six day weekend. It’s Carnaval here in Brazil right now. And tomorrow is my 7 year old’s birthday party.

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