Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

change-ahead-2On Monday I began a series about change, and the chaos—uncertainty inherent in change. Identifying what I believe is a major paradigm shift that began last decade. Thanks to technology and unlimited access to information and our fellow human beings we began to realize how

interdependent— connected we actually are. Being alone on an island is an illusion.

No longer is it business as usual. The “human factor” increasingly is playing a major role in the dynamics of the culture of institutions, businesses and organizations. No longer can employees be treated as inanimate objects whose sole purpose is to obey those in authority. No longer can leadership arbitrarily or dictatorially change practices without considering the impact upon their employees.

What can those in leadership do to implement change?

  • Provide more than a superficial presentation of the benefits of the change. Disseminating this information through an email or newsletter is a recipe for disaster.
  • Prior to implementing the change, a support system of knowledge, skills and tools must be in place. Winging it ensures a crash and burn scenario.
  • Allow adequate time for acquisition of new skills required to implement the change. 
  • Establish procedures and concrete measurements for incremental progress in the change process so that individuals remain motivated and hopeful.

Acela_passing_through_Kingston_Station,_RIBecause change is inevitable all of us must learn to adapt and embrace change, whether professionally or personally. Either you get on board the “change” train, or you will be left standing on the platform— late for your meeting with your destiny.

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Have a great day! Rita

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