Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

360_einstein_genius_0212Saying someone is creative instantly conjures up visions of the tortured poet, the reclusive genius or flamboyant rock star. Living outside the perimeters of normalcy. Challenging the status quo.

For some creative individuals this is true. The majority of creative individuals however are indistinguishable from their less creative peers until you interact with them over a period of time. Then you discover that trying to pigeonhole them is impossible. It’s their ability to comfortably function in a myriad of environments and situations that separates them from their less creative peers.

Creative individuals possess a great deal of physical energy AND rest often. Their energy is self-controlled. Not ruled by a calendar or some other eternal schedule. Energetic BUT demonstrating restraint when appropriate.

Their lives are characterized by playfulness AND discipline. Actively engaged with the world BUT working tirelessly and persistently until “the work” is completed.

Effortlessly using divergent AND convergent thinking in tandem. Conceptualizing novel, innovative ideas BUT tenaciously discarding the flawed ideas.

They are extroverts AND introverts. Easily mingling amongst a crowd BUT comfortably standing on the sidelines observing others and the environment when necessary.

Proud AND humbled by their achievements. Knowing that their accomplishments when compared to others are great. BUT also knowing that one’s accomplishments weren’t achieved single handedly or in isolation. Other individuals and luck or divine intervention also played a role.

Exhibiting both masculine AND feminine characteristics— androgynous.  Displaying strengths of their own gender BUT also those of the opposite gender, sometimes simultaneously.

Conservatism AND rebellion play a role in their lives. Honoring the past accomplishments of others BUT also challenging the traditions of the past when they conflict with a novel, innovative paradigm.

Passion AND objectiveness regarding their work. Passionately engaged in the creative process BUT objectively assessing their work and discarding anything that doesn’t meet their standards of excellence or lacks credibility.

Confused___by_Mushy_PeaPerhaps this is why so many creative individuals perceive themselves as misfits. The ambiguity of their lives is confusing and disconcerting. However, once you embrace this as your “normal”. Chains are broken. Freeing you to live a life where there are no impossibilities, only the undiscovered.

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Have a great day! Rita

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