Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


I must confess. Today is the first time I have listened in its entirety the I Have a Dream speech. What a beautiful speech! Filled with love, truth and grace. Something rarely heard today in America.

Although a young child in the sixties, I remember the racist propaganda prevalent in my environment. My father regularly spewed racist comments. Even voting for George Wallace in the 1968 presidential election.

It was a time in the South when For Whites Only signs and segregated facilities were the norm. The evening news nightly depicted the hate and violence of the civil rights movement. It was a time when evil reigned.

I too may have condoned this evil if it had not been for a friend. She asked me to help her with a vacation bible school program in an African American church. The hearts of these young children forever changed my heart.

Loving me despite the color of my skin. Allowing me to see them as fellow human beings. Not the animals my father preached and television depicted.

As I write this tears are rolling down my cheek. If it had not been for the Lord creating this experience, hate could have hardened my heart as it had my father’s.

Today listen to the I Have a Dream speech and remember those moments in time. When hope and love destroyed the discouragement and hate that was poisoning your heart. Rejoice with others who today are “free at last. Thank God free at last!”

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Have a great day! Rita

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2 thoughts on “Free at Last

  1. Your are so right. What an emotonal speech.


    1. Rita Poynor says:

      It’s one of those timeless speeches that inspires, regardless of your age.

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