Love one another as Jesus has loved us.



I have always been attracted to “outside the box” thinking. Testing the boundaries. Challenging the status quo. Accomplishing the impossible. Being an individual in a crowd. Needless to say, this and a limited tolerance for superficiality aren’t conducive to popularity.


Intensity and steadfast commitment are intimidating. Let’s be real. Many today are more like mercury than steel. Lacking strength of character or purpose. Possessing the willpower of a wet noodle.

I’ve tried to be the stereotypical Christian. Listening. Nodding my head in understanding. Patting you on the back and saying, “Now. Now. Everything is going to be ok.”  All the while wanting to scream, “Stop whining and do something about it!”

imagesI’ve finally come to terms with the truth that pseudo-syrupy compassion isn’t me. Don’t get me wrong. I will walk alongside you. Encouraging and supporting you as you travel down the transformational road. But I WILL NOT prod and drag you on this journey or allow you to hinder my transformational journey!


Before time began. God predetermined an unique destiny for you and gifted you with an unique personality to accomplish it. You are too special to simply be an imitation of someone else! The world needs the outside the box you!

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Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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