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14e414df64541384a5059909e3a836dbToday is the one-year anniversary of my mom’s passing. Since October, the month of her birth, sorrow has been nipping at my soul. Reminding me of the fragility of life and of all my loved ones whom no longer are on this earth.

As a believer— a Christian, I know one day I will be reunited with my mom. I know she is happy. I know her physical and emotional pain is gone. I know she is with her loved ones. I know she is laughing and dancing. I know she is finally free. Knowing however, doesn’t negate the pain of my loss.

So, today I’ll shed tears of sorrow. But mingled with those tears of sorrow will be tears of gratefulness. My mom is finally experiencing something that eluded her most of her life— happiness and peace. And for that I will be eternally thankful to my Lord and Savior– Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “Death That Leads to Life

  1. A beautiful post.

    And peace and happiness to you too. 🙂

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