Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Open a magazine, turn on the television, or listen to a sermon on Sunday morning and be bombarded with man or religion’s definition of love. This love_hd-t1perverted, self-centered love is so prevalent in our society that many will live a lifetime without experiencing love that is fruitful, not destructive.

Loving others unconditionally begins with receiving God’s unconditional love, Christ. Only Christ’s love can touch the innermost part of your being. Reassuring you that He will never forsake you and will resurrect you dying soul from the ashes of loss, grief and despair. A love that is both tender and firm, comforting and confronting. Challenging you to obey God at all times and in all circumstances. Whether others reciprocate your love and good will towards them or not.

How can you love others unconditionally?

  • Respect others’ positive contributions to the betterment of mankind, whether secular or spiritual.
  • As much as it is possible, live in peace with everyone.
  • Encourage those who feel alienated.
  • Help the weak and oppressed.
  • Patiently accept others’ shortcomings while simultaneously exhorting them to becoming more like Christ.

imagesAlthough biblical love isn’t always a greeting card platitude, it is by far the best love you can give anyone.


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2 thoughts on “Love is a Many Splendored Thing

  1. Even though we enjoy it when someone tells us they love us, it is so much more important to show love. By showing love a person has to give something of the self.

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