Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


Weakness is an attribute not many willingly embrace. Especially us anal, perfectionistic, Type A personalities who rely upon strength and self-reliance, not weakness and dependence. Endorsing competitiveness, achievement addiction and image, submission and servanthood are our sworn enemies. Nevertheless, the Kingdom of God is populated with oxymorons, and “weakness is strength” is one of those oxymorons.

Kingdom weakness is the absence of arrogance, conceit and self-importance. Acknowledging the Lord as master and you His servant is the only road that leads to an authentic, intimate union with Him. A union that is vital if you are to die to yourself so that you can be resurrected to eternal life— a life in Christ.

Your “living death” recognizes the fragility and impotence of man and the majesty and r-i-p-614056-msovereignty of the Lord. God’s promises provide the escape route from your evil desires and the corrupt influences of the world. God’s grace imparts the wisdom and strength needed to fulfill your Kingdom destiny.  God’s unconditional love endows you with confidence and perseverance to fulfill His plan for your life. God’s unlimited resources are at your disposal.

Go ahead and join the heavens singing your dirge. It’s the most beautiful song you’ll ever sing.

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Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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