Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


Within each of us is the innate need to belong— to be accepted— to be loved. This need is so strong that at times it overshadows both physiological and security needs.

Social media is in itself an expression of this need. A platform whereby we connect with others be it ever so superficially. More concerned with what others think than in imagesauthenticity and transparency, many prefer to remain “relationally anonymous” on these sites. Posting and liking but rarely commenting on others posts or only engaging others when they have responded to one of their posts. It’s the numbers, not the conversation and genuine interest in others that guides the conversations and behavior on these sites. How many friends, followers do I have? How many likes, shares, comments, re-tweets?

To insure “image” many play it safe by remaining one of the faces in the crowd. Interacting only with the “popular crowd”. Never questioning what the “popular crowd” has declared as important and life sustaining. Never deliberately seeking out the nameless faces in the crowd. Never validating the uniqueness of others.

Unknown 1

Sadly, as long as you and I continue to use “numbers” to determine others value, the nameless faces in the crowd increase, along with the silence of sameness.

Thanks for listening to my voice! Feel free to like and share it with your friends.

Have a great day! Rita


Be the VOICE heard amidst the deafening sound of sameness!

2 thoughts on “The Nameless and Voiceless

  1. People are afraid of being different, of being themselves, for fear of ridicule and being treated as an outsider. Little do they know that their insecurities show no matter how hard they try to fit in.

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      Exactly! There’s such freedom in being whom the Lord created you to be.

Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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