Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


What kind of roller coaster rider are you? White knuckles death grip? Schizophrenic—laughing with joy one moment and crying with fear another? Or childlike wonder? Now look at your life. I’m betting how you ride a roller coaster closely resembles how you live your life.


White Knuckles Death Gripwhite-knucklesLife Philosophy: It’s a “dog eat dog world”— ruthless and competitive.



Forecasts doom and gloom


Superficial relationships: fear of intimacy and authenticity

Dreams: safe… easily attainable… self-preservation



Life Philosophy: A better tomorrow awaits on the horizon, but until then, let’s be realistic.

Calculated risks— safety net required

Decisions— pros and cons list

Relationships: within circle of influence— reciprocity mandatory

Dreams: the starring role is rightfully yours.


Childlike Wonderimages

Philosophy of Life: The sky’s the limit!

Risk taker— regardless of the opinions of others

Continually seeking personal transformation

Change the world attitude

Authentic and transparent relationships

Dreams— other centered, not confined by the narrow mindedness of others or culture

This life is to be a great adventure— the ride of your life. Don’t let anyone or anything rob you of childlike wonder. It’s the fuel that powers a life of destiny and legacy.

Hands raised. Let the adventure begin!

4 thoughts on “The Ride of Your Life

  1. hisgrace777 says:

    Positive and encouraging. The ups and downs of life — guaranteed to keep us challenged and entertained. To ride them with a childlike attitude involves trust that something/one else is at the controls, always with our ulitmate happiness in mind.

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      Thanks! Couldn’t have said it better.

  2. Mine is “child-like wonder.” It always has been. Many times I’ve been too trusting and gotten burned, but it has never stopped me from trusting. God is always here to help me through the pain and hurt.

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      Only within the last decade have I been able to do something that you’ve been doing for a lifetime. I’m jealous.

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