Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


Because “truth” has become fluid, negotiable, temporal and determined by those in power. Morality has also become fluid, negotiable, temporal and determined by those in power. Most Americans no longer are troubled or even shocked when a politician, athlete, celebrity, minister or corporation is exposed for unethical or criminal behavior. American business schools actually acknowledge that many of today’s business leaders lack the character to ethically obtain wealth.

So, what is the truth that is eternal, never changing? Jesus— the Word of God.

For most of my adult life I didn’t believe this even though I called myself a Christian. Experts, authoritarian figures and people I admired shaped my worldview. Where did this get me? Nowhere! Despite a happy marriage, children and grandchildren, a masters degree, a profession where I was esteemed and a home in the country, I was unfilled. There was a nagging emptiness that daily grew louder, and nothing I did could quiet it.

This all changed when I decided to wholeheartedly pursue Jesus and His Truth. Tofreedom4_1 process all information, experiences, relationships and opportunities through the filter of God-ordained moral absolutes. Yes, following the Lord at times has been difficult, lonely and costly. But it’s a decision I’d make again in a heartbeat because His Truth has truly set me free!

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